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Murphy’s Man Faces Deportation

admin January 19, 2018

Actress Brittany Murphy’s new British husband faces deportation after outstaying his work visa, according to reports.

The Just Married star stunned Hollywood when she wed producer Simon Monjack earlier this month and now tabloid the National Enquirer has exposed the Brit as an illegal visitor.

And to make matters even worse, the publication has dug up information suggesting Monjack has a civil judgment against him and a series of felony arrest warrants.

A spokeswoman at Immigration & Customs Enforcement has confirmed to the Enquirer that the Brit faces a court hearing about his future in America in July and could be kicked out of the country.

She says, “He’s accused of overstaying his visa and could be deported.”

The I.C.E. spokeswoman also tells the tabloid that Monjack, who was among the producers of Sienna Miller’s film Factory Girl, recently spent nine days in jail after he was arrested at Murphy’s home in March.

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