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Priyanka’s bare-foot walk to Vaishno Devi

admin January 18, 2018

It was an awesome experience. I felt so much at peace just walking up that hill. I feel relieved now,’ says Priyanka Chopra about her three-day trip to Vaishno Devi with her parents.

She says, ‘I guess the visit to Vaishno Devi was long due. And I wanted it to happen before my father’s next surgery. My father’s illness was a reason for the pilgrimage. So was the release of Krissh. So many things, good and bad, have been happening lately. Fortunately, there has been no end to things to be grateful for. I guess I had a lot to speak to God about. So I just flew to Jammu with my parents.’

At Vaishno Devi, Priyanka walked barefoot up the hill while her parents went up by a chopper. ‘It was tough. But why do we need to talk about it? As a daughter and as a devotee, I have a certain relationship with God. And I value that relationship above everything else,’ she says.

Did she fly down from Malaysia especially for the trip to Vaishno Devi? ‘Of course!’ says Priyanka. ‘The minute I could get Farhan Akhtar to let me go, I flew back to Mumbai. I had been delaying the pilgrimage for a while now. My schedule just didn’t allow me to take that crucial break. Now I’m back to work on Don.’

Kareena Kapoor joins the unit of Don in Malaysia from Thursday. ‘That should be good fun. Kareena and I have worked together in Aitraaz, and we had a great time,’ says Priyanka.

She’ll be unable to attend IIFA. ‘We’re shooting non-stop till June 18 in Malaysia. I have always given my work top priority. I’ve never allowed any event, no matter how important, to come in the way of my work.

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