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Aftab Shivdasani

admin January 18, 2018
On screen, he may be the effervescent full-of-life adorable boy next door, but when he’s talking you can observe his calm and composed demeanour. Aftab Shivdasani will soon be seen in Ektaa Kapoor’s “Koi Aapsa” directed by debutant Partho Mitra. 

Ektaa Kapoor’s follow-up act after the success of “Kya Cool Hain Hum”, “Koi Aapsa” is a romantic comedy in which Aftab, Dipannita and Natassha are the best of friends whose lives are full of laughter until one fateful day a certain incident shatters their lives forever.

Aftab looks immensely excited about the role. But it’s another romantic film for him where he plays the lover boy.

“I’ve got no qualms about playing the lover boy as far as the script is good and the character appeals to me. If the script is performance driven, then I see no problem in doing the romantic leads,” Aftab told Bollywood Trade.

But he quickly retorts, “But hey, I’ve done ‘Kasoor’ and ‘Footpath’ which were a far cry from the lover boy characters you are talking about. So you can’t really label me as such.”

Few people know that Aftab is a big sports enthusiast. He is passionate about snooker and is a big cricket freak too. In “Koi Aapsa”, he plays a guy who is addicted to football. And now, whether this talented actor is able to score a goal at the box-office remains to be seen.

Excerpts from the tete-a-tete:

Tell us something about “Koi Aapsa”.

Well, it’s a romantic film which tells the story of three best friends: myself, Natassha and Dipannita. The film actually tries to show whether there can be “just friendship” between a guy and a girl. Can the friendship be platonic? That’s the crux of the film. I must say it’s a brilliantly crafted story and I was fascinated when I read the script and the character I’m playing in the movie.

How is it different from the other romantic movies which have come so far?

I know there have been many movies in the past that talked about love and friendship. But the strength of this film lies in its simplicity. The plot is not at all complicated. It’s a cool movie with a smooth sailing narrative.

What’s the USP of the film?

It’s a simple story. The feel of the film is extremely fresh and, no doubt, the movie while entertaining you is sure to touch your heart. Yeah, that’s the USP of the film, its simplicity!

How was it working with Ektaa Kapoor?

It was fun! She is extremely passionate and devoted towards her job. She kind of inspires you at every step and is very involved in her projects. She is a big name in television and will surely replicate her success in films too. She is extremely dedicated.

How would you rate the music of the film?

Himesh Reshammiya is a very talented guy and I should say he has done a splendid job for the film. The music is very melodious and suits the film to the core.

About audiences’ response?

I don’t know. All I can say is that I have done the hard work and given my 100 percent as I always do. Now it’s up to the audiences to decide and if they appreciate my efforts then there’s nothing like it!

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