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Amrita bhi kabhi actress thi!

admin January 19, 2018

Will she, won’t she – return to the screen to act that is.

Speculation is rife about whether Amrita Singh-Khan is planning to jump on to the saas-bahu bandwagon for TV, after her estrangement with Saif Ali Khan.

The move is probably Amrita’s way of striking off on her own and picking up the reins of her own life, getting back to her first passion – acting.

While Amrita herself doesn’t seem too keen to comment on the subject, a spokesperson for Ekta’s TV company, on conditions of anonymity, told us, “Yes, it is true that we will be working with Amrita soon. The story has Amrita playing the chief protagonist, but we would not like to reveal anything else about the serial right now.”

Now to all those saas-bahus getting jittery about big screen stars walking all over their TV arena, we say remember, Dingy bhi kabhi actress thi.

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