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Beatty aims criticism at Schwarzenegger

admin January 19, 2018

Veteran actor director Warren Beatty has stepped up his criticism of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by recording a radio broadcast aimed at his re-election campaign.

The advertisement will be aired first in San Francisco and features Beatty urging people to vote against Schwarzenegger, Hollywood. COM reported. The ad debuts ahead of a unique referendum to decide if some of Schwarzenegger’s controversial plans, including rating teachers’ performances, will be passed.

In the ad Beatty says, “Schwarzenegger and his big money backers are counting on you to not get out and vote. Don’t give him more power. Let’s stand up for our state.” The California Nurses Association, which is funding the ad, says, “We don’t want apathy to be the deciding factor in the election. It’s not enough to just disagree with the governor, people have to get out and vote ‘No’.”

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