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What a girl wants, ask Christina

admin January 19, 2018

‘Dirrty’ pop sensation Christina Aguilera definitely has more to her mind than just musical notes. In an exclusive to News of the World she has revealed her sexiest secrets, yet-confessing she’s definitely up for kinky bondage romps!

“If a lover wants to experiment with handcuffs, then that’s fair enough for me!” declared the 23-year-old chart princess in what could be said to be her raunchiest interview ever.

“What’s the point of holding back that side of your personality if it’s horny and turns you both on?”

“I’m not ashamed of my body or my needs in the bedroom.”

This may not seem as anything new, when earlier this year the singer hinted that girl-on-girl encounters could be a turn-on.

But that wasn’t the end of it. She further confided that, “I must admit the idea of two women getting it on does do it for me as well. Women are beautiful creatures and the sight of them kissing or caressing each other is horny.”

Then cheeky Christina, engaged to longtime love Jordan Bratman, unveiled the steamy daydream that tops her erotic wish list-plucking a starstruck fan from the audience for a dressing-room quickie!

She purred, “I’ve spotted guys in the crowd and thought, ‘Wow, I like the look of you!’

If this is just another way to sell concert tickets, Christina, it’s definitely working!

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